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8 September 2009

Welcome to John Cameron's Remaining Clients

In February of 2006 we acquired the bulk of John Cameron's business however John retained some key clients.

John has recently retired more fully and as part of the house move has decided to relinquish his final tax responsibilities and has asked us to assist those remaining clients.

Accordingly we are pleased to welcome them to the firm and we also wish John the best for the future.


1 September 2009

Anthea Turner joins the team.

We are pleased to announce that Anthea Turner has joined the team as a consultant.

Anthea has substantial commercial experience as the former GM and CFO of Business Media Press and Times Newspapers.

Anthea will be working on larger projects and assignments where her substantial management and financial experience can be best utilised. We are pleased to welcome her to the team.


12 June 2008

Change to Newsletter Production and Website

We have decided to make some changes to the way in whish we publish client newsletters. We recognise that not all clients wish to receive this kind of correspondence and that others prefer to be able to view content over the internet and only print items that are relevant to them.

As a result we are instituting a few changes:
1. We will change the layout of the website and have a page solely for client content.
2. We will write to all clients to advise them of these changes.
3. We will progressively increase the amount of content available on the site.

Again please bear with us as we undertake these changes and feel free to call or email with any comments or queries you may have.


30 October 2007

Office Upgrade

We have decided to make some further improvements to the office and over the summer months will be undertaking some external works (including an outdoor decking area) and the installation of a heat pump for cooling and heating.

Please bear with us over this period.


15 April 2007

Client Newsletters

We have prepared our second newsletter for 2007 and have circulated it to business clients.

Please feel free to call or email if you wish to receive a copy - otherwise click on the link right to download (you will need to have Adobe Acrobat to read it).

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us.


4 December 2006

Chris Brown joins the Team and some other changes...

& Company are pleased to announce that Christine Brown has joined the team to provide client administrative services. She has a wealth of experience in payroll and administration and we are thrilled to have her working with us.

You may notice some other changes in the New Year as we look to improve the external appearance of the office at 298 Sandringham Rd. In particular the exterior will be repainted,  a plaster wall erected at the front of the house to improve appearance and make wayfinding easier, and a parking area will be provided behind the wall and in front of the house.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause during construction - please bear with us, we think it will be worth it.


1 December 2006

Welcome to the Clients of Paul Forsyth

We wish to welcome to the practice the clients of Paul Forsyth.

Paul is a very successful CA who is looking to focus on his senior appointments and has invited us to provide support to his client base. Paul has been a Director of Dominion Finance Group since February 1993. Paul is also a director of Eastern Hi Fi Group Limited, Times Newspapers Limited (which is owned 49.9% by Fairfax New Zealand Limited), and a number of other private companies.

We welcome you all and look forward to being of assistance to Paul's team.


17 April 2006

Purchase of 298 Sandringham Rd

& Company are pleased to announce the purchase of the property at 298 Sandringham Rd.

It is a nice house centrally located and ideal for all clients should they wish to pop in for a visit.

Settlement takes place on 28 April 2006 and we will be moving in over the weekend.

Our new numbers are:
Telephone 649 846 5353
Facsimile 649 846 5357


13 February 2006

John Duggan purchases the business of J Cameron

Duggan & Company are pleased to announce the purchase of the business of JWA Cameron, Professional Accountants, in Glen Eden.

John Duggan will be the principal working with John Cameron to manage the handover during March, April and May from the premises in 208 West Coast Road, Glen Eden.

Settlement of the purchase will take place on 31 March 2006.

John Cameron has run a successful practice meeting the needs of his clients in a business established by his father in 1955. We wish John well is his retirement and warmly welcome his clients to our firm.


Duggan & Company Limited - December 2009